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Community description:People of all religions, and of none, united against Dominionism
Welcome to the Anti-Dominionism community. This community exists to oppose Dominionism.

To contact the moderators, send an e-mail to:

What is Dominionism? Dominionism is the attempt by Fundamentalist, Evangelical, Charismatic, and/or conservative Christians to effect a Christian theocracy upon the world and upon individual nations, most notably the United States of America. The Dominionist Movement is defined by the Coalition on Revival, and the documents which were signed at the Coalition on Revival Congress on the Christian Worldview in Washington, DC on 4 July 1986: The Manifesto for the Christian Church, 42 Articles of the Essentials of a Christian World View, and The 17 World View Documents (most notably The Christian World View of Law and The Christian World View of Government). These documents were signed by over 460 notable Christian leaders, including:

  • Dr. Harold O. J. Brown, Ph.D., Professor
    Bibl. & Sys. Theo., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

  • Mr. Gary DeMar, President
    American Vision

  • Mr. Ted DeMoss, President
    Christian Business Men's Committee

  • Dr. Duane Gish, Ph.D., Vice President
    Institute for Creation Research

  • Dr. Jay Grimstead, D.Min., Found. Dir.
    Coalition on Revival

  • Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Pastor
    Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

  • Dr. Tim Lahaye, D.Min., President
    American Coalition for Traditional Values (and author of the Left Behind series)

  • Dr. Josh McDowell, D.D., President
    Josh McDowell Ministries

  • Dr. Gary North, Ph.D., President
    Institute for Christian Economics

  • Dr. R. J. Rushdoony, Ph.D., President
    Chalcedon Foundation

  • Dr. Jack Van Impe, Ph.D., President
    Jack Van Impe Ministries

  • Rev. Donald Wildmon, President
    American Family Association

Are Dominionists Christians? This is undeniable. While it's important to remember that not every Christian is a Dominionist, it is equally important to remember that Dominionism is fully rooted in the modern Christian Church. Thus any discussion of Dominionism must include at least the implicit acknowledgement that Dominionists are Christians. We cannot fully separate Dominionism from Christianity, much as we would like to in deference to the many fine Christians we call our friends and family. (And, indeed, among the members of this community are Christians who are likewise opposed to Dominionism.)
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